Using Google Authenticator with your iOS Device

Download the app to your device.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for Google Authenticator.
  3. Tap Get and then Install to download the app.

Connect the app with PIX.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap Begin Setup.
  1. Choose how to enter the PIX authentication key code into the authentication app.

    Tap Scan barcode to use your device's camera to capture the barcode/QR code image from your computer screen.


    Tap Manual entry to enter the 32-digit authentication key code using your device's onscreen keyboard.
  1. Link your PIX account with the app.

    If using your device's camera, use the green guide to frame the QR code image on the PIX login screen.

    The app will then display a code to log into your PIX account.

If manually entering the authentication code, tap Barcode scanning not available? below the QR code on the PIX login screen. A 32-digit authentication key will be exposed.

Using your device's keyboard, enter the authentication key
into the Key field of the app.

Provide a name for your account in the Account field. (PIX is recommended.)

Tap Done.


The app will then display an authentication code.

Enter that code on the PIX login page.

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