2-Factor Authentication Applications

Installing your 2FA app.


When your account is enabled to use 2-factor authentication, you will need a 2FA app to provide you with a valid code in order to complete your log in to PIX.

2FA apps are widely available and can be installed on mobile devices or desktops, depending on which app you choose. 

(PIX does not use SMS text messaging for 2FA codes.)


Google Authenticator is a commonly used and recommended 2FA app. (See detailed instructions for using Google Authenticator on iOS or Android.)
Other suggested 2FA apps include:


Other apps can be found by searching app stores:

After downloading a 2FA app, you will need to link your PIX
to the app.

The PIX login screen will display a QR barcode and a 32-digit authentication key. Either can be used to link your account.

Using your device's camera you can capture the QR barcode.

If a camera is not available through the authentication app's interface, you can type (or copy and paste) the authentication key into the app.

Your PIX account and the 2FA will then be linked.

Once your PIX account is linked to the app, it will then start displaying six-digit authentication codes.

Enter that code to login into PIX.

Authentication codes are displayed for 30 seconds each, after which the app will generate a new one, and so on.

If you get a message that the code is invalid when you try to log into PIX, simply enter the most recent code displayed in the app.
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